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Infolinks Gets An A+ from comScore!

Infolinks ranks #1 in comScore’s Top 10 Gaining Properties by Unique Visitors. comScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, released its monthly analysis of U.S. Web activity at the top-growing properties and site categories. According to comScore, Infolinks leads the top 10 sites with highest growth, when ranked by unique visitors, in January -February 2010.

Is 2010 going to be the year for In Text Advertising?

The massive growth in interest during the first quarter of the year might indicate a new trend in the online advertising realm. On the current trajectory, In Text Advertising looks to make big gains in 2010. As more advertisers enter the field, CPC rates continue to rise – and webmasters are definitely taking notice. It seems that, 2010 will bring lots of rich media into the Infolinks In Text advertising bubbles, with a better user experience for online publishers worldwide.

Thank you

The Infolinks team takes pride in this accomplishment and wants to thank you all – our loyal family of publishers who believed in our service and supported us along the way. We are always open to hear your insight about our service and try to improve it accordingly. Please feel free to use our Facebook page or simply drop us a line at support with any ideas you want to share with us.

March 25, 2010 at 3:18 pm

Infolinks Goes Green

The magical Pinherio do Parana trees once grew along the Riberia River in the south-central part of Parana state, Brazil.    But massive deforestation activities have been harming the trees, bringing them to near extinction. To combat the    deforestation, a group of 93 kids from a rural school of the Itaiacoca Community went on an expedition and planted   hundreds of Pinherio do Parana trees along the river.

Tiago D. Martins from Civis Mundi Institute, the expedition organizer, depicts the experience: “In the beginning the children looked at us with curiosity, they are not used to having guests in their rural village. We came in carrying a lot of small trees and the children followed us smiling excitedly. We invited them to be our partners in this first tree planting. Their enthusiasm to contribute was so honest and heartfelt, that it reminded us once again of the importance of this project.”

The expedition was initiated by, an innovative non-profit organization which uses the internet as a hub for charity purposes. encourages visitors to set their custom Google search page as their homepage in order to donate all search revenues to various causes, such as planting trees in areas that have been devastated by deforestation.

Infolinks has been promoting since its founding with a goal to plant over 100,000 trees worldwide by the end of 2010.

Set the as your homepage and join our mutual effort to make a better and greener world.

March 17, 2010 at 1:05 pm

The Lowest Payment Threshold

As you all know… We do our best to make sure our publishers are our top priority.

Due for high demand for early payments, we decided to change the current payment threshold.

Starting February, Infolinks is proud to offer the lowest payment threshold in the industry.

Update your selected form of payment today to Payoneer (Offering the new Infolinks prepaid MasterCard and automatic ACH) or PayPal and enjoy a lower payment threshold of $50.

The initial activation fee will be waived for you, if you sign up till March 31st –  learn more here.

To support the new payment system, and due to the high processing fees involved with Bank wires and regular ACH – the Payment threshold for publishers choosing to continue to receive their payments via Bank Wire or regular ACH will be increased to $400. If your earnings are less than that threshold at the end of the month, these funds will be carried over to the next month.

To update your payment method, simply log on to your account on the Infolinks website. Go to the ‘My Account’ tab and click on the ‘edit’ button on the ‘Payment details’ section. Choose your preferred payment method and fill in the required details. Don’t forget to click on the ‘Save Changes’ button once you’re done.

For more information about Paypal or Payoneer Mastercard / automatic ACH, please go to our FAQs at

March 8, 2010 at 10:00 am

Prepaid Mastercard with No Activation Fees

Infolinks is introducing a great new way to get paid – directly to your new Infolinks Prepaid MasterCard®.

It’s fast, secure and offers you the most flexibility with your money.

Apply Today! The initial activation fee will be waived for you, if you sign up till March 31st.

Apply today and start getting your commissions faster while cutting the costs associated with other methods of payment.

To apply, simply log on to your account on the Infolinks website. Go to the ‘My Account’ tab and click on the ‘edit’ button on the ‘Payment details’ section. Click on the Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard® option,  sign up and the new card will be mailed to you.

Other benefits include:

Use everywhere MasterCard® is accepted – online and at any point of sale.

Withdraw cash from any ATM – in your local currency.

Your funds are secure. As long as the PIN stays uncompromised, your funds are MasterCard protected even if your card is lost or stolen. A replacement card will be mailed to you and the balance transferred.

No bank account needed.

Online access to your account, payments, balance and transaction history 24/7.

We are excited to offer you this new method to receive and manage your payments, making Infolinks a better place to do business.

For further questions about  Payoneer Mastercard, please go to the “Payment and Earnings” section in the FAQs page.

March 4, 2010 at 12:27 pm

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