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The Infolinks Challenge – Video Contest

To celebrate the launch of our new blog, Infolinks is proud to announce:

“The Infolinks Challenge  – Video Contest”

There are many ways to make money online…

We invite you to film your crazy, creative and funny ideas of making money online for a chance to win up to $5,000!


  1. Grand prize: $5,000
  2. First prize: $1,000
  3. Second prize: $500

Video Requirements

  1. Create a movie clip (live or animation) up to 2 minutes in length, showing your creative and  funny ways of making money online.
  2. Finish the movie with the attached slide: “Infolinks Challenge – Final Slide”
  3. Upload your video to YouTube at
  4. Send us an email to during the Contest Period including your complete name, address (including zip code), telephone number, primary e-mail address and the URL of your video application posted at
  5. During the contest period selected videos will be posted on this blog for all to view.

Judging Criteria

All applications will be judged based on:

  1. Creativity – think outside of the… you know, no clichés.
  2. Originality – show something we’ve never seen before.
  3. Entertainment Value – “making money online” can mean many things; surprise the world.
  4. Performance Level – keep decent video quality, at least better than ours.
  5. Humor – if we all laugh to tears, you get rich!

So don’t be lazy – start brainstorming today! Find a funny concept, get out there, film it and be the big winner of The Infolinks Challenge!!!

The Contest starts on June 22, 2009 and ends on July 31, 2009.

For more information about Inflolinks check out our website at

For further inquiries please feel free to contact us at

By joining the Infolinks Challenge you agree to:

The Infolinks Challenge – Official Terms and Conditions.


June 22, 2009 at 6:20 am

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